Just Getting Started!

If you are brand new to the stock market we have created a great resource where you can get a free list of videos (similar to a mini course) that you must watch before you start trading. This page includes a list of great books, courses, broker suggestions, software overviews, and more!

Stock Market Books

Learning from books is a good way to get started in the market. It allows you to digest material at your own pace and gives you a great deal of information for a relatively low price. Books are also a great resource and reference tool to come back to allowing you skip around easily.

Stock Trading Courses

If you want to accelerate your stock trading education then picking up a course is probably one of the fastest ways besides private mentorship. We have courses for various levels of education ranging from just getting started entry level material to advanced technical analysis. Visit the courses page and get a few free video lessons to learn more.

Broker Overviews

If you have not signed up to a broker yet, you may want to watch some of our broker overview videos where we discuss platforms, fees, and the sign up process. Each broker is different and has their own advantages.

One-on-One Coaching

One on one coaching or mentoring is the fastest way to learn anything. That is true whether you want to cook, play a sport, or learn to drive. When a mentor is focused on you, this is where you have explosive growth within your education & skillset.

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Technical Analysis Charts

Want to see the hottest stocks that are moving, breaking out, or have higher-probability technical pattern of success? Then check out my critical chart service. You can use this service as a guide for your own trades or simply follow along to learn more about the market.

Let's Talk Stocks

Let’s Talk Stock is my free weekly training episodes on the stock market, technical analysis, and trading psychology. Episodes can range between 15 to 45 minutes of in-depth training. Get on the newsletter so you don’t miss an episode!

Free Training

I have many free training videos on the stock market. This is probably the best place to get started. There are many short, quick, and detailed videos on a variety of sub-topics. Whether you want to brush up on your basics, learn more about technical analysis, or find new strategies then watch some of these videos.